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RWS HISTORY Please find here the Racing History from Rudi Walch ...
With his Experience and Technical Knowledge, he ist the Heart of RWS Racing GmbH. Impressive is also his Career as Driver, Technical engineer and as well as Team Owner. 1968 Races with NSU, VW Scirocco, Triumph, VW Super Vee, BMW M1, BMW 635 for Schnitzer und Brun 1983 Technical Engineer for Brun Motorsport (CH) Builds Group C Sportscars for Brun Motorsport 1984 Wins the German Group C Championship with Stephan Bellof 1985 Wins the European Group C Championship with Stuck / Bellof 1986 Wins the World Group C Championship with Boutsen / Jelinski / Larrauri 1987 Second in the World Group C Championship 1989 IMSA Series/USA and Japanes Championship for Sportscars 1991 Builds Group C Car BRUN C91 with Judd F1 Engine 1993 Builds the first Ferrari 333 SP with Dallara for IMSA Series 1994 Builds the first Ferrari F348 for German GT Cup 1995 Rudi Walch creates RWS Motorsport with the Equipment and the Mechaniks from Brun Motorsport involved in the 1986 Sportscar World Championship. Repairs Road and Racing Sportscars in his Garage in Anger. Also supplies Motorsport Parts for ISA Racing and OMP. 1996 BPR GT Endurance Series (Porsche GT2) 1997 FIA GT Championship (Porsche GT2) 1998 Winner GTR Championship (Porsche 911 GT3), 2nd 24 Hours Daytona 1999 FIA GT Championship (Porsche GT2) ISRS (Riley Scott MK3) 2000 FIA N-GT Championship (Porsche 996 GT3R) 2nd Place Championship Drivers Ranking 2nd Place Championship Team Ranking two wins, Luca Riccitelli, Dieter Quester 2nd 24 Hours Daytona 2001 FIA N-GT Championship, 1st Place Championship Team Ranking 2nd Place Championship Drivers Ranking 1st Place Spa 24 Hours 2002 FIA N-GT Championship 5th Place in Overall Ranking
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